James Castillo's Portfolio


My name is James Castillo and I am an illustrator working in my pyjamas since 2010. I am currently living in London working as a freelance artist for animation and videogames while developing some personal projects. 

I love spicy food. 


Through the years I have been lucky enough to work with a huge variety of clients to create all sort of content, from videogames to picture books, films and advertising to name a few. 
I really enjoy being part of the development of a project and collaborating with other artists, writers and directors to get the best possible result out of my effort. 

Here is a list of some of the most relevant clients and experiences I have had in the last years:


Illumination (December 2017 - Present) 

"Various Projects"


•Working with the Art Department on creating visuals for the future films of the studio. 

Paramount Pictures  (August 2017 - December 2017) 

"Sherlock Gnomes"

Color Artist

•Worked on the art department as a colour artist creating mood boards and colour keys for the film. 

Under the supervision of the Art Director I created the mood for the sequences for the lighting and compositing departments to follow. 

Flaunt Productions (June 2015 - Present) 

"Unannounced Project"

Art Director / Character Designer

•Lead and support an art department into the development of an Intellectual Property. Providing clear briefs and talking with clients and different heads of department to assure the development of the project. 

I am also the main character designer for the project.

AIC Films (April 2015 – May 2016)

“Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad”

Character Designer

•Character concept and schematics.

Design and develop the characters for the film. Provide detailed schematics and expression sheets for the different departments as well as supervising modelling and rigging to ensure the translation of the Design into 3D 

GenX Games (Oct 2014 – Jan 2015)

“London After Midnight”


•Character concept and final illustration.

Design and develop the characters for the illustrations. Additionally to finishing the Illustrations I art directed the team of graphic designers to achieve a graphical look that would match the Illustrations. I had to review and provide feedback before delivering to the client.

BeeSquare Games (May 20013 – Oct 2014)

“Age of Alchemy”

 Lead concept artist

• Designed mock ups and researched the style of the game.

As a lead designer I was under the responsibility of defining the look of the game and standardize it for the rest of the team. I created style guides to help understand the team and the executive producers about the style.

I also created game assets for the game designers and programmers to implement in the prototype.

At this stage I also started testing 2D animation softwares and defining the animation for the game.

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