James A. Castillo is a Spanish Character Designer, Art Director, Illustrator and Director based in London, UK with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, who also really enjoys spicy food.  

His work ranges from publishing Illustration to art direction for virtual reality projects and everything in between. He has an interest in anything artistic that challenges the limits of what animation to achieve and loves exploring new styles and techniques. 

Some of his clients include Locksmith, Sony Pictures Animation, Psyop, Netflix, Axis, Nexus, Passion Pictures, Illumination McGuff, to name a few. 

His passion for storytelling and interest in film making has driven him to work in different mediums, more recently he has found a place in the VR industry. He was Art Director of the project Melita, by Future Lighthouse, one of the most awarded VR projects to date. This year he partnered with No Ghost to develop his own VR piece: Madrid Noir. 

His is always happy to collaborate with new people and hear about new projects. If Interested, feel free to contact him at: [email protected]

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